A joint meeting is being held by the two teacher unions, NZEI and the PPTA to discuss the recently released school funding review.

This meeting will take place on Tuesday the 6th of September.   All union members are expected to attend this meeting and therefore it will have a significant impact on the running of the school.

We will endeavour to remain open but if you are in a position to collect your child at 12:30 it would be greatly appreciated.  For those children who cannot be collected at 12:30 they can be collected from the school hall at 3pm

I am sorry for the inconvenience, this is the first time since 2012 that both the secondary and primary teacher’s unions have called such a meeting.

The meeting is in regard to the outcomes of the Government school funding review which unions are concerned will impact on staffing and the professionalism of teachers.

If enacted, Principals and Boards of Trustees would receive funding as a "global budget” and potentially then make trade-offs between employing teaching staff and other operating costs.

Teachers unions NZEI and PPTA are very worried that this global budget would lead to:

  • fewer teachers and larger class sizes

  • less job security for teachers

  • lower quality teaching

  • fewer hours for teacher aides and support staff

  • more complex financial work for Boards of Trustees

Please fill out the form below if you are able to collect your child at 12:30 on Tuesday the 6th of September.

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